5 common gardening questions for this spring

Spring is generally the most anticipated season for gardeners, no matter the scale of their grow or how many years experience they have. There’s not a whole lot to NOT love about springtime – the air is getting warmer, the soil is softer, and your plants want to bloom!

Spring Garden

However, no matter how many years someone’s been working on their garden, there’s always something new to learn and ask about. Because we’re well-versed in how the season changes for each grower, here are the top 5 common gardening questions for the spring season:

GeoPot Hanging Garden

My GeoPot hanging garden is full of annuals that look great each spring when I purchase them, but by midsummer they look dried up. How can I keep them fresh and full of flowers?

There are three basic steps when growing in a hanging garden-- water, fertilize, and maintain. There’s a limited amount of soil in a garden basket-- so daily watering may be needed. Fertilize the plant with a balanced, like Geoflora, and maintain your plant often. Deadhead and pinch back growth to promote heavier flowering.

Shade flowers

I have trouble growing flowers in my shade garden. Are there any colorful shade-tolerant plants that I can use?

The most shade-tolerant annuals that add color all season are coleus, wax begonias, and impatiens - available in a host of colors. Depending on the amount of shade, annuals such as ageratum, sapphire flower, caladiums, and sweet alyssum, may be successful as well!

Flower arrangement

I'd like to grow annuals for cutting and arranging. What are the best-looking cut flowers, and where should I plant them?

This is all depending on your personal taste, but here some guidelines: look for varieties with tall stems in the colors you'd like to use for arranging. Many species of annuals are available in varieties that have different characteristics. Some will be short and bushy for edging and massing, while others will be tall - excellent for cutting!


What should the depth of a raised bed be to grow corn, potatoes, and beans?

Believe it or not, for vegetables such as corn you don’t really need a lot of depth. Two inches or so should suffice, no deeper than three inches.


What’s the best way to control weeds?

Prepare the bed by making sure there are no weeds before planting. Mulch around the plants with a 3-inch layer of straw. You will still need to weed every now and then.

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