6 reasons why a grow tent is great for winter gardening

Winter is here; there’s no denying the frost on the ground and chill in the air. Many growers choose to move their container plants indoors, and some may star all new indoor gardens featuring fresh vegetables or annual flowers.

Farm in snow

This is an excellent way to keep growing even when the weather goes bad, and it can even help brighten the mood inside the house even while it’s storming outside! But growing indoors – especially vegetables – means keeping a close eye on lighting, temperature, and nutrients needed to make certain these plants thrive in an indoor environment. The reasons the plants may run into problems vary widely; anything from air that’ too dry from the heater, being placed in a part of the home without access to sufficient natural light, or over/under watering.

Fresh Veggies

For those growers who want only the highest-quality vegetables, grown as healthy and as sizable as though they were outdoors in the spring. While this may seem like a tall order in the middle of winter – it’s completely doable. The Light Room Grow Tent is the secret to making this happen, and for plenty of good reasons! If you’re thinking about taking the next step with your indoor grow, here are 6 reasons a Light Room Grow Tent is the best next move for your indoor plants:

Sunny day

You control the environment: It’s cold outside, and the amount of light your plant is getting at any time can be hit or miss – even with grow lights situated above them, in an open room of your home this can be less than ideal. Luckily, the Light Room Grow Tent is closed and fully contained. You control everything: the temperature, amount and duration of the light, and the amount of air coming in. If you want to grow summer vegetables, it’s not a problem because you can perfectly imitate summer conditions inside the tent; even if it’s snowing outside.

No Pests

Pests can’t intrude: As long as you keep the Light Room Grow Tent zipped up tight when you’re not tending to your plants, it’s closed up tight and garden pests will have no idea what’s in there!

Clean air

The air will be cleaner: Besides being closed off to any pollutants in the area – cigarette smoke, cooking, car exhaust, etc. – the Light Room Grow Tent has an intake/exhaust area for fresh air, fans, or an air filter. You have control over how much of a breeze your plants will get, and with air filters, how sanitized that air will be.  

Good lighting

The lighting will be better: When you set up an indoor grow inside your house or garage, you may have a good light set up, but when you turn them on the light has a whole lotta room it’s covering. The Light Room Grow Tent is a small enclosed space, and the light is going to shine directly where you direct it, for as long as you need it. Because the Light Room Grow Tent is enclosed, you won’t be getting light that you don’t want on your plant in (halogens like in a garage, reading lights, any lights that you may have on in the house at any given moment).

Energy efficient

Be energy efficient: The Light Room Grow Tent is designed to be energy efficient, with everything you need for a successful grow in a contained space – there’s no wasting heat, light, or air by using any of these things in a space larger than needed. This is good for your plants and great for your pocketbook!

4X4 Lightroom

A better use of space: In sizes ranging from 4 ’X 4’ to 10’ X 10’ and everything in between, your garden is kept to a usable space in your home that’s not going to take over (as indoor grows sometimes do!) Your garden – and the fresh vegetables you’re growing inside – are nicely contained.

Light Room Grow Tent

If you’re a fan of growing indoors in order to keep fresh vegetable on your plate year round, the Light Room Grow Tent is your next best move to make sure your veggies will be as good as the ones you grow outdoors in the summer!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the Light Room Grow Tent.  If you’re looking for the Light Room Grow Tent near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local Light Room Grow Tent retailer!

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