Create a colorful display in your hanging garden this winter

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch your hanging planters. A hanging garden will brighten up your interior space and bring the outside indoors so you can keep your green thumb happy even if it’s snowing outside.

Snow covered berries

If you were using the GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot outside this summer, there’s some great news: you can use the same pots to bring colorful hanging gardens inside, as well! Now that your summer flowers are past their prime, it’s time to move your hanging garden inside and give the interior of your home a whole new look that will include plants that flower in winter, bedding plants like primrose, and trailing vines to add an interesting visual twist. Let’s look at the five steps to create a stunning winter hanging garden:

GeoPot hanging 2 Gal

Prepare your GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot:  This means dumping out the dead plants, old soil, and giving your GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot a good scrubbing – either vacuum out the excess dirt or use a high-power hose to get rid of the excess dirt, then throw it in the washing machine with OxiClean or a similar detergent to disinfect it. Leave it out to air dry and soon it will be good as new.

Potting Soil

Get your soil ready: When the GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot is completely dry, it’s time to fill it with a nutrient-rich soil, like Royal Gold’s Mendo Mix – a good all around soil, as you’ll be placing at least three different types of plants in your GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot to create visual interest.


Choose your bedding plants: These are the blooming flowers whose purpose in your GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot is to create a vibrant splash of color that should last until spring. The best ones to use during winter include the pansy, viola, primrose, polyanthus, wallflower, sweet William, bellis, and cyclamen.

Dwarf Ninebark

Go for height next: The bedding plant is nice, but now you need some height in your GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot. To add height as well as texture, you’ll can look at an evergreen shrub that you can plant in your yard when spring comes around. Some of the most interesting ones to add are choisya, rosemary, arborvitae, euonymus, dwarf ninebark, and New Zealand cabbage palm.

Ivy in a container

Trailing vines add an aesthetic touch: You’re now ready to finish your masterpiece with the addition of trailing vines to break the confines of the GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot and add a real visual pop. Ivy, variegated periwinkle, creeping thyme or clematis are all solid choices.

GeoPot with mix of plants

There are a wide variety of plants to choose from to make your GeoPot Hanging Garden Pot the center of attention in any room this winter – now is the time to get growing and put your green thumb to use, no matter the weather outside!

GeoPot hanging baskets

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