Ferns will feel at home in a GeoPot Squatpot

As the weather turns colder in anticipation of Fall, most outdoor gardens are getting their last harvest and being prepared for winter. This doesn’t mean that green plants and the smell of soil has to wait until spring comes around again; ferns make wonderful houseplants that will flourish inside and are terrifically low-maintenance.


The best way to a make sure your new fern is adapting to life indoors is to try to mimic where that fern I found in the forest – try to keep it out of direct sunlight, as ferns tend to grow in more shaded areas, and make certain it receives plenty of moisture in a well-draining pot.

Ferns in nature

A GeoPot Squatpot is ideal for ferns because of their draining and aeration abilities. Ferns perform well in a shallow pot that allows enough space to accommodate the roots plus an extra inch to allow for growth, which the Squatpot can readily provide. It should be noted that if a container provides too much extra space (is too deep), the larger amount of damp potting mixture around the roots often leads to root disease.

GeoPot Squatpot with a fern

While most ferns prefer humid environments – not just warm ones – it’s important to make sure the fern you’re choosing is adaptable to low humidity if a furnace is the main source of heat during the winter months. The ideal temperature for your indoor ferns is Ideal room temperature for ferns is no more than 72 degrees during daytime hours, and 60 degrees F or lower at night. If the fern starts to dry or look brown, this can be remedied by increasing humidity in the area the fern is in with an electric humidifier, or creating a humidity tray using pebbles and water and placing it near the fern. Don’t place the pot holding the fern into the humidity tray, as the water will soak up through the bottom of the pot, which will over-water the fern and may end up drowning it.

Ferns in the forest

Besides bringing a bit of the outdoors inside until the weather warms, having ferns – or other indoor plants – can be good for you! Plants help clean the air, increase oxygen levels, and being around them has been shown to help an individuals concentration, memory, and productivity. Researchers at Texas A&M have noted that “Keeping ornamental plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration…work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature.”

Squat Pot 3 gallon

With the GeoPot Squatpot you’ll be ready to bring a fern (or two or three) into your home and take advantage of all the benefits an indoor plant can bring to your living space! Summer may be over soon, but there’s still a lot of growing to do.

Squatpot with whole Geopot family

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