Getting a handle on your next growing season

Gardening can be terrible on the back, especially when dealing with container gardens. The back problems with a container garden aren’t from the bending and squatting that generally accompany weeding in a more traditional garden, but from the bending and lifting of (sometimes heavy) pots to move them to a different area, or to add more potted plants to the yard.

Broken pots

Large pots can become overwhelmingly heavy when filled with soil, and can cause serious damage to back or shoulder muscles if an attempt is made to move it. The type of containers used for the garden can make the problems worse if they’re heavy ceramic or terra-cotta, and even lighter materials traditionally used – such as plastic – can cause issues if they’re oversized. One rule of thumb if oversized pots are going to be used is to place them where they won’t need to be moved before filling the pot with soil, and then transplant the plant in.

Stone planters

Gardening isn’t always so clear cut; for example, some plants don’t transplant well, and if they die off they may be replaced with a plant that needs shade, while the container is located in an area with full sun. This is just one instance out dozens that could cause a gardener to move a container mid-grow, and it doesn’t have to lead to injury.

GeoPot with Handles

GeoPot has a solution to the issue of moving pots in a container garden easily. The GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles, available in sizes ranging from ¼ gallon to 65 gallons so you can grow as big as you need, makes it possible to lift, move, and shift the pots in your container garden with ease. GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles is made of the same durable geotextile fabric that the original GeoPot is, just with the addition of sturdy handles on each side that make it easy to pick up and carry. The GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles is an aerated fabric pot - promoting healthy roots through air pruning, and is durable, washable, reusable for up to 5 cycles. The GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles features strong marine-grade stitching on handles and quad-stitch seam, along with a self-supporting square bottom design.

GeoPot with handles

With handles that allow for easy movement, the GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles is a game changer for your grow. Ceramic pots can shatter easily if they’re dropped while being moved, and plastic pots can be hard to get a firm hold on. The GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles will make these issues a thing of the past, so all your focus can be on the best place to put your next plant!

GeoPots with handles

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles.  If you’re looking for GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local GeoPot Fabric Gardening Pot with Handles retailer!


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