Gorgeous climbing plants for your yard

Even if you’re a professional grower, you may have a hobby garden to grow the things you want, not just crops! With spring just around the corner, many gardeners can’t wait to get a new batch of flowers in.

Wisteria climbing vines in a garden

And it’s not just the sweet smell that makes these gardens attractive, it’s the colorful display that these plants give to your yard that can transform everything – red, blues, purples, you name it! But if you want to make a real statement, nothing will make more of a spectacular exhibit than a wall or trellis filled with climbing vines in full show!

There are dozens of climbing vines that would look amazing in your yard; here are our top 6 climbing vines for your spring garden:

Blue Crown Passion Flower

Blue Crown Passion Flower: Capable of growing up to 82 feet high if support is available, the flower is almost 4 inches around and has five petals that are whitish in color and surrounded by surmounted by a corona of blue or violet filaments, then five greenish-yellow stamens and three purple stigmas (the stigma is part of the female reproductive part of a flower, the pistil). A definite showstopper!


Climbing Hydrangea: This can grow up to 50 ft. tall. You'll see this beauty produce pretty white flowers during the summer months and yellow leaves in the fall.

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine: Trumpet vines are easy to grow, and their beautiful red and orange flowers will attract hummingbirds. How easy? This plucky vine can grow in sun, shade, hot, cold, and will even withstand drought conditions!


Moonflower: This vine is for all you night-owls; this night-blooming vine shows off fragrant white flowers that open from sundown to sunup starting in midsummer through late autumn. They can grow to more than 15 feet and will help create a romantic area of your garden that will be perfect for evening strolls.


Wisteria: Purple flowers adorn the hardy fast-growing vine, and it will thrive when it has a at wall, tree, or trellis available to climb. But watch out! This vine gets big – really big – reaching heights of up to 66 feet!

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine: Often associate with California, this fragrant evergreen vine is great on walls, garden posts, and trellises. If you’re feeling adventurous, it can make a fragrant groundcover, too.

Sungrower trellis netting on a geoplanter

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