Grow Potatoes Anywhere With This Special Container

As with any vegetable, there are recommended methods of planting that are supposed to work best to result in a healthy and bountiful harvest. Potatoes are no exception, and for some it may seem that there’s too much space and effort needed to grow such a simple spud. We have created a special potato-growing container that even a novice gardener could use with ease.

Closed Potato Bag ready to grow

The GeoPot Potato Bag will allow you to plant a sizable crop anywhere you can put it – even your front porch. A 15 pound bag is 18” X 17” and has handles attached so it will be easy to move if you decide the porch isn’t such a good idea. Instead of pulling weeds and digging trenches, you’ll start out by filling the bottom of the bag with soil, adding the seed potatoes, and then covering the tops with another few inches of soil.

Place the bag in a sunny location and keep the potatoes watered. Any excess water will drain off, and roots will benefit from the oxygen the fabric pot allows in. When the sprouts get to be about 8 inches in height, add about 4 more inches of soil. Keep adding soil as the sprouts grow, and continue to water them daily. That’s about it.

When the foliage starts to die and wither back, it’s just about time to harvest your potatoes. This is where the GeoPot Potato Bag really shines. Wait about one or two more weeks, then open the Velcro panel at the bottom front of the bag!

Open Potato Bag ready for Harvest!

You’ll be able to see the fruits of your labors right there – plump potatoes ready for you to reach out and grab. Forget carefully digging around where you think potatoes are in the ground. You’ll be able to spot the spuds where they sit and decide if they’re ready to go or need to remain a bit longer.

Pro tip: freshly harvested potatoes taste best. If you want the tender, new potato taste, you can harvest a couple of spuds up to two weeks early, wash, prepare, and eat. Let your storage potatoes sit for two weeks longer so the skin has time to thicken up. When you pull them out, wipe the excess dirt off but don’t wash them. Place your potatoes in a paper bag and store them in a cool, dry area. Don’t store them in the refrigerator, as the cold will cause sugar buildup which can affect the taste as well as causing them to turn brown during frying.

Ripe Potatoes ready to Fry!

For a more in-depth, step-by-step tutorial on how to use the GeoPot Potato Bag, click here.

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