Hanging gardens are great for every season

There are a few reasons that a hanging garden is a great fit for any gardener – Whether they’re just starting out or have years of experience. They can be tended year-round if located indoors, and help add more area that’s available for planting if the garden’s getting crowded.

People in an apartment with their plants

For those who live in an apartment, or other space where a yard isn’t available, a hanging garden can be just what they need to keep their green thumb alive! There are those who still think that if it’s not in the ground, it’s not part of a garden – but here are 5 reasons we think hanging gardens are perfect for every space and every season:

Outdoor space with plants

It’s a space saver: If your garden is full but you need just a few more plants to round it out, hanging planters can be hung from tree branches, trellis, or a fencepost. If you’d love to have more plants indoors but don’t have any open space for a pot, hanging gardens look great when artfully placed in an archway, windowsill, or even a seldom-used door. Go ahead and get those begonias – they’ll liven up any space!

Indoor garden

Create a garden space: A hanging garden is perfect for those without access to a yard who still want to grow fresh vegetables like carrots or radishes. The good thing for apartment dwellers is this garden is portable. Moving? No need to harvest that lettuce before its time – take it with you! (Just be sure to keep it watered and move it gently during the process; it should be just fine in your new digs!

Hanging garden on a staircase

Increase aesthetics: It can be boring to look at the same set of rooms, day after day, but who wants to spend the time and money to redecorate each season? The great thing about hanging gardens is that they can give your home a new look – every season! You can choose different annual flowers each spring, and then plant some veggies in the fall. If you’re using the GeoPot Hanging Garden, the sturdy geotextile fabric will last season-after-season – just give it a good wash before changing out your grow.

Hanging gardens will increase yields

Increase yields: This may sound like a stretch, but the benefit of using a GeoPot Hanging Garden is the sturdy geotextile fabric that is the same aerated fabric used in a traditional GeoPot. This fabric promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields.

Kid in garden

Improve your environment: Hanging gardens can improve your indoor environment tremendously – physically and aesthetically. Plants are continuously cleaning the air around you, improving the quality of the air you’re breathing inside, and they’re helping to create a more relaxing living space. Even if it’s cold and stormy outside, you’ll have a little garden oasis – a wonderful retreat after a hectic day!

Hanging Garden

If you’re ready to green up your living space or add to your outdoor garden, the GeoPot Hanging Garden is a great starting point! Available from either a single hanging pot to four, the GeoPot Hanging Garden can help you plant the hanging garden of your dreams – indoors or out!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the GeoPot Hanging Garden. If you’re looking for GeoPot Hanging Garden near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local GeoPot Hanging Garden retailer!

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