How a raised bed garden can help boost your grow

Raised bed gardening offers a variety of benefits that can make growing a vegetable garden easy for novice growers, and a convenience for seasoned horticulturalists. The advantages of raised bed gardening are numerous; from improved aeration, effective pest control, weed abatement, and better yield. Let’s look at how this – and more – can be achieved through raised bed gardening:

Better aeration

Because the soil isn’t compacted by flooding or roaming animals, it’s loose enough to allow for air circulation around the roots; allowing the plant to absorb more nutrients and keeping the microbial population healthy.

Soil control

Seedlings in soil. Soil control is easiest is a Geoplanter!

Raised beds allow the grower to use soil that’s most specific to what they intend to grow. This is an important consideration as most vegetables prefer a neutral soil, while a few - like the tomatoes and blueberries - do best in slightly acidic soil.

Pest Control

The insects that get in your traditional garden get to you plants because they’re already crawling on the ground, so they have easy access to your traditional garden. Having your plants off the ground and in a raised bed will instantly block the crawling pests, and you’ll be able to see the flying insects quickly and get them under control with a squirt or two of an organic pesticide like Guard N’ Spray.

Weed control

Dandelion. Geoplanter helps with weed control in your garden.

Using enriched soil in the raised bed ensures there won’t be errant dandelion seeds or other weeds lurking, though they can show up on if the grow isn’t watched carefully. Windy days, animals, and humans can all inadvertently deposit seeds into the soil, though the chances are far less in a raised bed  than in the ground. Luckily, weeds will be easy to spot as soon as they start to sprout and will be effortless to pull out.

Can be temporary

There’s a lot to be said for the seasonal allure of a raised planter bed like the GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed offered by GeoPot. Lightweight, easy to assemble or disassemble, this type of raised bed is good to use for a season, then put into storage for the next. It’s perfect for renters who may not have permission to dig in the yard, but still want to get outside and garden.

Better drainage

Using a hose to water. Geoplanter creates better draining so plants aren't overwatered.

Plants can easily become overwatered, and if the garden floods during a summer storm, there may be nowhere for the water to drain. In a raised garden bed, the water drains out the bottom onto to ground below, assuring the roots don’t become waterlogged and unable to release carbon dioxide, leading to root rot. The GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed ensures proper water drainage, and naturally keeps roots cool due to its breathable geotextile fabric.

Easier on the gardener

Geoplanter is easier on the gardener!

Gardening can take a toll on the back and knees, especially if you spend hours bending over to weed or trim your plants. A raised garden bed can help alleviate this stress on the joints for both young and older gardeners, and it can even be placed at a higher elevation – such as a greenhouse table – for easier access.

This list just touches on some of the better-known benefits to using a raised bed in your garden; the full scope of benefits are best discovered through giving it a try. One of the best ways to get started is with the GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed by GeoPot.

GeoPot has made it easy to get started on your own raised bed garden with the GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed. There’s no worry about investing in any permanent building materials like wood or stone, and it’s made of the same durable geotextile fabric as the GeoPot. Putting the GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed together takes just a few minutes and it will last for years of continuous gardening. Also, The GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed is an aerated fabric container, which promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields.  It’s durable, washable, reusable, and is perfect for commercial and personal growers alike.

If you’re ready to give the GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed a try, it can be purchased on the GeoPot website here.

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