Indoor gardens have different soil needs

Moving into the fall season often means moving some of your grow indoors, or setting up houseplants to keep plants around even when it’s too cold to grow outside. Many growers find that one of the easiest things to do is scoop some of the soil they’ve been using outside into a pot for their new transplants because it’s already been amended and successfully brought plants with a healthy yield.

Plants outside to bring inside

The issue is that indoor plants have different soil needs for their different environments. In addition, the soil that’s been used outdoors is just that – used. Plants use the available nutrients during their growing phase, which is the reason the soil needs to be amended each season. At this point, it may also contain weed seeds, discarded plant matter, and pests…all things that would be better left outside.

Outside plant

Indoor plants need a quality potting soil that has great aeration, drains well, and has the right mix of amendments that will help deliver the right blend of nutrients. Royal Gold King’s Mix is a good choice because of the addition of perlite, which helps with drainage and keeping the soil light. To complement the perfect soil, a durable pot that also has good drainage and air-root pruning capabilities will bring all the ideal elements together for a rewarding indoor grow this winter.

Indoor plants on a desk

GeoPot has the G-Lite Fabric Garden Pot which will work well with your houseplants and your pocketbook. Made of a slightly thinner material than the traditional GeoPot fabric pot, and with only two stitches on the side as opposed to quad stitching, it’s still sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread and will naturally air prune the plant's roots as they reach the edge. The G-Lite Fabric Garden Pot has a slimmed-down profile and square bottom design which makes it easier to find room for inside, whether you’re using your houseplant as a table centerpiece or as an accent to a room.

Party Tree

The G-Lite Fabric Garden Pot is also available with handles, so moving houseplants is no problem – especially if they need to be carried upstairs or to a different part of the house. If you’re looking to add an indoor tree – such as a ficus or miniature orange tree – GeoPot has the G-Lite XL, specifically made for larger indoor plants.

G Lite Close Up

You’ve got the soil and the G-Lite Fabric Garden Pot – let’s get growing!

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