Indoor plants can be a mess; keep your furniture protected

Winter is in full swing, and for most gardeners this means that they need to wait until spring to get their hands in that sweet, sweet soil. Some growers can’t wait, and it’s to the nursery for some indoor plants in order to keep plants nearby and the smell of damp soil present in the air.

Indoor plants in a nursery

Indoor houseplants are acknowledged by many to help make a room feel more comfortable, promoting clean air, and just the thing to get their minds off the outside – at least until the spring comes around again. There’s no denying that houseplants are always a good idea, but something that gets overlooked is that despite how good they may be for your inside environment – the mess they can make. Since the natural habitat for the majority of plants is the great outdoors, it makes sense that it would be task to try to contain nature in a small, decorative pot. It may be hard to believe, but here are 5 messes that a typical houseplant will make in your home:

Plants and spilled soil

Soil spills: Because the soil is in a container, when the plant is watered the soil lifts a little as the water is being poured and may end up lifting over the edge of the pot and onto the floor…or table…or other furniture. If this happens, it’s a good idea to clean it up as quickly as possible – especially if fertilizer or other amendments are being used. While it won’t be terrible for a hardwood floor, fertilizer left for any amount of time on a rug, or furniture with fabric on it, it can end up getting stained or discolored.

Indoor tree mess

Blooms will fall off: Flowers, and any plants that bloom, will eventually lose the blossom. If you aren’t able to catch it before it wilts completely, the blooms will fall wherever the plant is located. While this won’t leave a stain (if cleaned up in a timely manner) it will leave a mess! Depending on how many blooming plants you have around, this mess can be minimal (one or two discarded blooms), but can get fairly chaotic if you have a number of plants dropping blooms, leaves, and soil on a regular basis.

Watering can

Water will seep out: Most indoor pots for plants have holes in the bottom to let water drain out to avoid immersing the roots when a plant gets overwatered. If a saucer hasn’t been placed underneath the container to catch this overflow, water will seep out to cover water the container is on or hanging over. If you’ve watered a hanging plant and left to go do other things, you may return to find the water has splashed all over the floor and/or nearby furniture – what a mess! Care needs to be taken to monitor the amount of water being given to potted plants to avoid this chaos.

Dog with plant

Pets will knock it over: You love your pet – whether a dog or cat – and they love you! So much so that they will come running towards you when you come home, waiting to get a petting and treats. They will run past everything in your home at a high rate of speed; including your plants! Accidents happen, and you’ll probably be cleaning up spilled soil and righting fallen plants more than once this season.

Pest on a houseplant

Pests will find a way indoors: While the majority of garden pests such as thrips, aphids, and whiteflies are slowing down and overwintering, any of these bugs that hitchhiked in on plants you’ve brought inside to overwinter are loving the warm, protected atmosphere of your home. Inside pests like spiders and beetles see the same opportunity to take shelter under the leaves of your houseplants, so make sure to periodically check your plants to make sure they’re clear of the creepy-crawlies.

Plants in tray

Taking on a houseplant is as much of a responsibility as bringing home a new pet – and it could be argued that it’s even more of one. Those who were looking for nothing more than a nice addition to their winter interior decorating may be frustrated when they realize how much work needs to be done to keep plants healthy inside the house. For  those who aren’t afraid of a clean-up job or two, there are products that can help keep the mess down to a minimum. Left Coast Plastic Saucers help to catch the water that may get all over the place, along with wayward soil pushed over the edge of a pot. While they can’t help with pests or over-eager pets, one preventative measure is better than none! Left Coast Plastic Saucers are made of clear plastic, so there’s no worry about coordinating with the color scheme of your favorite couch or wallpaper. In addition, Left Coast Plastic Saucers help capture excess water and encourage downward root growth as roots stretch down through the growing media to meet the water in the bottom of saucer – that makes them twice as helpful!

Left Coast plastic Saucers

It’s totally possible to have beautiful houseplants as well as a clean house – let Left Coast Plastic Saucers show you how!

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