Indoor Plants to Keep Your Home Green

Winter can be hard for gardeners because the outdoors are no longer friendly to growing. Inclement weather and freezing temperatures make it uncomfortable not only for plants but for cultivators as well. Many gardeners sacrifice their outdoor greenery until the season warms, but don’t fret: you can make your home a green space that lasts year-long with GeoPot.

Did you know that GeoPot Fabric Pots work just as well indoors? With the help of Left Coast Plastic Saucers you can get all the advantages of a GeoPot in the comfort of your home. Reap the benefits of superior drainage, aeration, and air root pruning when growing these incredible indoor plants:



Ferns are one of the most beautiful plants you can add to your home, but their care can be a bit tricky. Because ferns love moisture, they need to be watered regularly to keep the soil moist. They do best in areas with low light and high humidity, such as bathrooms, and benefit from regular misting to keep their foliage from drying out.



Ficus trees are a popular addition for gardeners who want to bring a little bit of the forest home. They remain small and can live up to 20 years, making them a perfect permanent addition to your abode. Ficus can be picky, however, and require regular watering as well as a stable temperature. Some types of ficus can be dramatic--even a minor move across the room can cause them to drop their leaves with stress, so be sure to take care when inviting this plant into your home. 

monstera swiss cheese plant


Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, monstera is an attractive houseplant characterized by large leaves with natural holes. These plants love indirect light and regular watering, and can also benefit from occasional misting. If you take proper care of Monstera deliciosa in particular, you can reap the benefits of edible fruit from your happy houseplant!



Philodendron is a popular houseplant because of its attractive foliage and ease of care. With many options, including variations in color and leaf pattern, as well as vining and shrub varieties, there’s a philodendron for every gardener. They thrive with indirect light and regular watering and are known to adapt to almost any indoor environment. 



Often confused with philodendron, pothos are another houseplant that boasts attractive, heart-shaped leaves and many varieties to choose from. Pothos tend to cascade in vines and do well up high in hanging baskets or on shelves. They prefer indirect light and will survive even in low light conditions, and tolerate erratic watering schedules for those indoor gardeners who struggle with regular watering of their houseplants. 

rubber plant ficus

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant or rubber tree is another easy and pretty houseplant for the inexperienced to start with, but take care to keep it out of reach of pets as it is mildly toxic. Rubber plants tolerate a range of temperatures and light levels with little complaint and don’t require a lot of water to thrive. They can grow quite large, and make great additions to your indoor jungle. 

snake plant

Snake Plant

Snake plants are hardy, low-maintenance plants that boast a variety of patterns and leaf shapes to choose from. These blade-like plants make great additions to tables and shelves when small, and once they grow large enough are also wonderful floor plants for any household. They tolerate light levels from low light to direct sunlight and can be found thriving both indoors and out. A bonus for those who travel or forget about their houseplants from time to time--snake plants can go up to two months without water!

spider plant

Spider Plant

Another easy keeper, spider plants are low maintenance and suitable for any level of gardener. They thrive in cooler areas of the home and tolerate even low-light locations. Great for hanging baskets and high shelves, spider plants are characterized by their ability to produce “spiderettes,” small, hanging baby plants that are easily propagated. 

zz plant

ZZ Plant

The slow-growing ZZ plant is a wonderful addition to a room with low or no light, as this plant can’t tolerate direct sunlight. The water storing root bulbs allow the plant to go weeks without water, so a forgetful gardener can rest easy knowing that their plant will stay alive even with an erratic schedule. ZZ plants’ waxy leaves come in many colors and make an attractive addition to any home. 

Indoor Gardening for Any Level

Just because winter has shut down your outdoor garden doesn’t mean that your green time is over until spring. There are GeoPot Fabric Pots in a multitude of sizes for your indoor space, and indoor plants for any experience level, so be sure to check your local store or nursery for the lovely plants on this list. Share with us your favorite houseplants in the comments!

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