It’s not too late to help your plants through the vegetative stage

Plants have their own calendars, and for the most part, they’re extremely reliable. This internal clock is how we know we’ll see fresh flowers in Spring, and pumpkins in the fall – like clockwork! For those who are ramping up their spring planting, there may be some question about having a late start, and if it’s past the time period to expect a strong vegetative period.


The good news is you don’t have to worry about it – you’re in the right season, and a couple of weeks isn’t going to make or break your grow. Here’s the vegetative stage broken down:

New growth

Plants that flower and reproduce by seeds go through different phases in their life cycle. After germination, plants quickly begin putting out more and bigger leaves and the stems become noticeably thicker – this is the peak of the photosynthesis process, as plants gather light and convert it into foliage.

Pumpkin plant

During this vegetative stage, plants’ need for nitrogen - which provides the nutrients that energize the building of new cells - is the highest. Organic fertilizers, such as Geoflora VEG, contain readily absorbed proteins that feed healthy vegetative growth.

Geoflora BLOOM

The vegetative stage can last for weeks or even months. It ends when plants begin the transition to budding, whether because they have reached their mature size or because the conditions have triggered the start of reproduction. That’s the time to switch a fertilizer like Geoflora BLOOM – excess nitrogen can inhibit the development of flowers.

Geoflora VEG

If you have newly germinated seeds, or sprouts that have just started growing, the perfect time for Geoflora VEG is now! Here’s why: Geoflora VEG is a 5-3-4 NPK formula designed to be applied during transplant and as a top dress to ensure vigorous growth in plants while also creating an established, well-supported microbial environment as your plants progress through their life cycle. Multiple sources of nitrogen discourage burning and work together with microbes to ensure a balanced release cycle and a diverse profile of micronutrients, and Geoflora VEG establishes strong microbial activity for increased nutrient uptake and availability.

This all means that Geoflora VEG is already starting to promote vigorous canopy growth and healthy root development, setting the stage for healthier plants and heavier yields.

Geoflora Nutrients

So start your grow off right with Geoflora VEG, no matter how late you’ve started – if your seeds gave just started sprouting you’re right on time! Best of all, Geoflora Nutrients is an easy to use organic fertilizer system that can be deployed on a large scale, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a hobby gardener or a professional. By combining a granular form factor with a wide range of carefully selected organic ingredients, Geoflora Nutrients delivers a balanced charge of beneficial bacteria and over 19 organic inputs with diverse macro and secondary nutrient profiles, which work together to produce a simple yet effective solution for cultivators who want to see results – without the hassle.

VEG or BLOOM - with Geoflora Nutrients you’re good to grow!

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