Let’s talk about your garden style…

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your garden! From what you want to plant, where you’re going to put it, and what tools you’ll need to take out of storage or buy more of – the work has just begun!

Seeds for a new garden

If you’re planning a container garden, you know that it’s not just the plants, it’s what you plant them in. Some containers look great, but they can be bad for your plants, bad on your back, or just won’t last a full season! If you’re in the market to update your garden, here are 6 of the most commonly used containers for outdoor planting:

Terra Cotta Pot

Terra Cotta: One of the most commonly used containers on the market, terra cotta is considered a classic choice. While it’s immediately recognizable, the downside to it is that it’s heavy, breakable, and vulnerable to cold weather. The permeable nature of the clay it’s made from can lead to the soil drying out too quickly, and if you want to go big, get ready for some heavy lifting!

Glazed Terra Cotta

Glazed Terra Cotta: Purchased mainly for their looks (a wide variety of colors, textures, and designs) the process of glazing means that these pots are baked at higher temperatures, and are less permeable than traditional terra cotta pots. They may seem to be slightly better than traditional terra cotta pots, but when completed, they’re still heavy and break easily…not good for your plants, and not good for your back.

Metal pots for plants

Metal: Metal pots are far lighter than terra cotta, making them much easier to move. Because of the material, it’s important to be careful handling it on a hot day – it may burn your hands.  Rust is another factor to consider – try to find pots that the manufacturer has had coated with a UV-resistant sealant that reflects the sun’s rays and protects the metal from rust.

Cast Stone Pots for plants

Cast Stone: If you want your garden to look seriously classical, cast stone is the way to do it. Cast stone is available in limited, earthy colors, and is resistant to the elements. Best of all, in windy conditions, they won’t get knocked over – saving your plants! The downside is they’re prohibitively heavy – you better be sure your plants are exactly where you want them – and the solid nature of the stone often means that they don’t drain well, if at all!

Fiberglass pots

Fiberglass: Getting away from heavy, clunky pots, Fiberglass containers are molded from a viscous polymer laced with fiberglass strands, which lend strength to the thin liquid, allowing for clearer details and textures than those possible with plastic. With fiberglass, you can have the look of terra cotta or stone without the weight. This will make repositioning these pots throughout your yard easy, but make sure not to overdo it; fiberglass pots still tend to flake and chip when over-handled or when subjected to prolonged weathering.

Broken plastic pot

Plastic: With all the great choices for plant containers, we’re just going to write plastic off. It looks cheap, gets brittle, and is terrible for the environment.

The BEST choice for your garden, no matter how much you may love terra cotta or cast-stone (oooof, heavy!) is the classic GeoPot with Handles! These GeoPots are built to handle any job… the handles on  GeoPot Fabric Pots with Handles are constructed with marine-grade, durable stitching to ensure they stay happily attached - no matter the job. Handles make moving your plants to that perfect spot easy, and are available in sizes up to 65 Gallons!

GeoPot with Handles

Don’t allow the pots you use to give your back a problem, GeoPot Fabric Pots with Handles combine excellent breathability, high drainage, and sturdy construction to deliver a long lasting durability that air-prunes the roots and keeps your grow in tip-top shape.

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