Master Your Harvest With These Useful Products

It’s time for the most rewarding part of gardening: harvest! You’ve made it this far, and if you’ve done at least some things right you should have a healthy crop waiting to be gathered and enjoyed. However, there is still more work to do, and we’re here to make it easier and more successful with our selection of the most useful products for handling, processing, and storing your harvest.

Terpinator or Purpinator

Did you know that there is still time before harvest to boost the performance of your plants with a high-quality fertilizer? We recommend Terpinator or Purpinator, developed by a team of professional growers based on years of research and testing. These fertilizers support and encourage a higher concentration of terpenes, which leads to enhanced aroma, taste, and quality in your finished product.

Flower Tower Dry Racks

Simply and evenly dry your goods in a cost-effective way with Flower Tower Dry Racks. These soft-coated mesh hanging racks are collapsible for ease of storage and built with a supportive center strap to prevent bowing and ensure well-distributed airflow. The zipper model protects your product from pests and debris while allowing you to flip and hang the rack upside-down in order to change the orientation of the drying material.


The Trimbag Dry Trimmer is the first collapsible, bladeless hand-held bulk trimmer on the market! This useful tool allows you to safely trim up to 2 pounds of product in about 15 minutes, removing 90% of unwanted material without damaging your valuable crop like other bulk trimmers will. The Trimbag’s unique zipper opening also allows you to collect and separate the trimmings for other uses.


Trim Bin

Protect your comfort and health without sacrificing efficiency with Harvest More’s Trim Bin! This ergonomic trimming tray can help you endure hours, or even days, of repetitive motion while collecting smaller particles with its rounded edges, high-molded walls, and 2-tray system featuring a 150-micron filter. You can even further customize your experience with the addition of an interchangeable 220-micron screen.

Scissor Scrubber

Dirty scissors slow down your trimming process and waste a lot of time, while the cleaning of them can be a frustrating and messy experience. The Scissor Scrubber makes this job portable, quick, and easy. You can fill the container with a cleaning solution, let your dirty scissors soak while you use a clean pair, and even scrub with bristles that won’t dull the blades.

Turkey Bags

Protect your high-value product from oxidation, pests, and cross-contamination with Left Coast Turkey Bags. These resealable, smell-proof, BPA-free nylon bags are manufactured in the USA with American -made materials. Available in 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 36″ sizes that can be easily stored for use next season.

The products featured here should make this harvest season a much more satisfying and successful experience. Find more useful products to make your growing life easier in our online store.

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