NHS Donates Geopot Fabric Pots to Sequoia Park Zoo

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Northcoast Horticulture Supply is proud to support gardening projects in the Humboldt community. Sequoia Park Zoo Director, Gretchen Ziegler stopped into the Eureka NHS location with a special donation request for their resident primates.

The gibbons and spider monkey exhibits are the oldest exhibits at the Sequoia Park Zoo. The Zoo Director explained their priority for enhancing the exhibits and providing natural foraging opportunities for the primates. Gibbons and spider monkeys like to feast on bamboo. The Zoo wanted to be able to rotate large pots of bamboo in and out of the primate exhibits allowing the plant to regenerate and continue to provide natural foraging opportunities. Zoo Keeper, Natalie Parchman was specifically looking for large fabric pots with handles to easily move the bamboo in and out of the exhibits.

The expert staff at Northcoast Horticulture Supply recommended to use Geopot fabric pots because of their durability, proper water drainage and strong marine-grade stitching on the handles allowing for easy mobility. Geopots are cut from geotextile fabric made from BPA free plastics that are safe to use in the primate exhibits.

NHS special ordered five 30 gallon Geopot fabric gardening pots with handles for the primate exhibits at Sequoia Park Zoo. Geopot generously donated the supplies and provided five tan fabric pots so that they would blend in better with the exhibits. NHS was able to provide the Zoo with fifteen bags of Black Gold Organic Potting Soil to use for planting the bamboo in the Geopots.


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