Not THAT kind of acid...

When gardeners start looking into ways to improve their grow beyond watering, weeding, and fertilizers, they can come across suggestion that seem contrary to what they know about how the natural world works.

Humic Acid

One of the most useful organic substances for any garden is humic acid. The word ‘acid’ may raise some eyebrows – who wants to put acid in their garden!?  The good news is, it’s not ‘acid’ in the corrosive, chemical form, but rather, humic acids that are the final break-down components of the natural decay of plant and animal materials, and even prehistoric deposits. The takeaway from this is that humic acid is all-natural, and definitely not a chemical acid that we’d strongly suggest you avoid!

Peat cuttings

Knowing that humic acid is just decayed materials, the next question becomes “is this actually good for my garden?” The answer is absolutely! Here’s a quick run-down of the benefits of humic acid for your grow:

Humic acids increase the water-holding, and water infiltration capacity of soil. Humic acids help to improve the soil, increase plant root growth, improve plant metabolism, enhance seed germination, and help plants deal with environmental stresses. In addition to all this, they help remove odors in compost piles and keeps irrigation lines clean.

Sedimentary rocks

Now that you know what humic acids are and where they come from – how are they obtained? One source of humic acids are the sedimentation layers referred to as leonardite. These layers were originally deep in the earth's crust, but over many years have been exhumed to near-surface location, making them easily accessible.

HUmic Tonic

Growth Science® harnesses this wonderful gift of nature for your garden by providing humic acid derived from leonardite into a product called Humic Tonic™.

Humic Tonic

As an indispensable component to the health of the microbial environment in your garden, humic acid works synergistically as a primary chelator in the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients, creating a complete and bio-available food-source from which your plants can feed. Over time, your newly enriched soil will be able to retain more nutritional matter, thereby reducing the amount of fertilizer inputs that were formerly required, creating a reusable media that you can depend upon for results that count. Invoke a greater payoff this season and help your plants take gargantuan form by incorporating Humic Tonic into your feeding regimen.

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