Perk up your garden for Fall

Summer is officially over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t perk up your garden before Winter comes barreling in and makes the ground feel more like a brick than soil. An easy way to get started is to take stock of what perennials you have currently growing and augment them with some late blooming annuals that will revamp your garden until that first hard frost hits.

Frost on the ground

An inexpensive way to tackle this autumn project is by choosing annual flowers in fall colors to spice up the perennial flowerbeds that are in it for the long haul. Planting in late September will save your new transplants from the heat-stress they would need to survive during an august planting, and some annual flower choices will be hardy enough to make it through the first frost. Here are five annual flowers that will make the transition through to fall a whole lot brighter:


Marigolds: In colors of orange and yellow, the most popular varieties of this flower are easy to plant or transplant, and will do well if kept out of hot, overly dry environments. They’ll make a wonderful addition to your fall garden, as the colors will suggest the changing leaves and jack o’ lanterns of the season.


Calendula: Also known as a Pot Marigold, these orange and rust colored flowers are edible, and if transplanted carefully, they may withstand a light frost and last longer into the fall season.


Nasturtium: These orange and yellow flowers first bloom in the summer and seem to get rejuvenated by the cooler air in the fall. They are notoriously fickle when transplanting, so care must be taken to keep a close watch over them and make sure they’re watered well and given the right nutrients.


Petunia: A long held favorite in any flowerbed, petunias show off their best blooms in cooler weather. There are a number of petunia species to choose from, and most will be in shades from violet to pure white.


Snapdragon: These wonderful flowers will add visual interest in your garden with their height, and will add a variety of colors to your grow including white, yellow, pink, red, orange, peach, purple and violet.

Perky garden using Geoflora

Though these flowers are meant to last for less than a season, supplying them with the nutrition they need to boost their blooms is a surefire way to make sure your garden has a splashy end to the year! Geoflora BLOOM is the best nutrient to rely on to help bolster flower production and encourage bigger blooms. Geoflora BLOOM contains 19 organic and all-natural Inputs, diverse phosphorous and potassium sources, a specially selected  charge of beneficial bacteria, and a unique granular form factor – it’s also all organic and OMRI Listed, so you can use it knowing you’re doing the right thing for your plants, as well as the planet!

Fall is just around the corner, so give those annuals Geoflora BLOOM and see what sprouts!

Geoflora BLOOM product image


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