How to Use the GeoPot Potato Bag

The growing season is a gardener’s favorite time of year – the weather is beginning to warm up, storms are few and far between, and the flowers are starting to bloom. The outside is inviting and growers can’t wait to get their hands in the dirt! 

Gardeners with limited space or those that live in an apartment or other site without a yard may be heading out to a community garden for their grow-time, setting up pots around the kitchen to grow herbs, or even putting up a grow tent to get a small crop of vegetables growing in an extra bedroom.

If you’re short on space and looking for an easy way to grow potatoes, the GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag is the pot for you. 

Here are the steps to successfully grow potatoes in your new GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag:

1. Get Your Plants Ready

Get the seed potatoes in the variety you want, and cut them into chunks making sure they have at least two eyes on each chunk. Set them out and allow these chunks to dry overnight, or until they get callous. Fill the GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag about 1/3 full with your preferred soil in preparation for planting. (We recommend a good all-round soil like Mendo Mix.)

2. Start Planting

Mendo Mix

Plant one seed potato chunk for every 3 gallons of fabric pot capacity. The GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag is a #15 container, so four to five seed potatoes will be fine. Make sure the seed potatoes are spaced out evenly, and be sure to water the soil thoroughly until it’s moist but not soggy. 

3. Care for Your Growing Potatoes

As the potatoes begin to grow, add soil in layers. Continue adding soil until you reach the top of the container.

In June, the plants will begin to bloom and you can harvest young potatoes. For larger, more mature potatoes, wait until mid- to late summer when the potato leaves and stems begin to turn yellow. Timing will vary depending on the potato variety you’ve chosen.

About two weeks before harvest, when the foliage has died back, stop all watering. The leaves and stems will turn almost all yellow. This is a sure sign your potatoes are ready to harvest.

4. Harvest Carefully

Don’t use a spade or sharp instrument to dig out the potatoes! Open the front of the GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag and dig around with your hands to find your tubers! 

5. Take Care of Your Bag for Next Season



Your GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag is reusable! Shake out any extra soil, rinse it with water, and allow the container to dry. Store in a dry location until you are ready to start again next spring. 

After using the GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag for a season, we bet you’ll have found your new favorite potato-growing container! The GeoPot Square Bottom Potato Bag is a convenient and space-saving way to grow your own crop of potatoes on your front porch, back deck, or even in the corner of your kitchen.

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