Short on space? A hanging garden is the way to go.

Hanging gardens are generally associated with decorative plants, such as flowers or ornamental trailing vines. These are wonderful additions to any home, but hanging planters can do a lot more than look pretty – they can make for excellent hanging vegetable gardens as well.

 Here’s how to successfully start your hanging garden;

Choose the right plants.

Strawberries. Strawberries work well for a GeoPot hanging planter!

Small vegetables are great for hanging planters. Strawberries and herbs like mint and parsley also do well, when kept in a sunny area and watered regularly.

Choose the right pot.

Though the plants in a hanging garden are smaller than what would be planted inground, they still require plenty of soil to build a strong root system and anchor them inside the pot. A 2-gallon pot will work just fine, but anything smaller won’t give the plant enough room to grow. The GeoPot Fabric Pot Hanging Garden Planter is a good choice to make sure your plants have enough space and will remain healthy while growing. The porous fabric that the pot is made from allows air into the root zone, and will provide excellent drainage compared to plastic pots.

Hanging GeoPot basket.

Choose the right soil.

Because you’re planting in a pot, you’ll want to make sure you choose a soil with plenty of nutrients and the ability to drain and prevent overwatering. You can add fertilizer to the soil if necessary; Geoflora VEG and BLOOM is an excellent two-part fertilizer that will take your hanging plants from seedling until harvest and help increase the yield – even in the smallest space!

Choose the right area.

The easiest way to decide where to hang your plants is to make sure you choose either all-sun or all-shade plants. This will help to make sure that the plants don’t have a different rate of growth from one another, and they won’t be taking more of the nutrients or water from the other.

Keep it watered.

Make sure to check your plants often – while you don’t want to overwater them, check the surface of the soil and water your plants when the surface is dry to the touch. If your plants are in a sunny spot, you may need to water them once a day in the summer due to the heat.

GeoPot hanging Geoplanter.

Now that you’ve got your plants, soil, and pot you’re good to grow! Once you get started, you may want to add additional plants to your grow – GeoPot makes this option easy with their GeoPot Hanging Garden Planter, which has 2 or 4 different pots hanging together and allows the water to drip from the top pot to the next. It is recommended to place a drip tray at the bottom to catch the excess water – especially if you’re growing inside. The porous fabric allows air into the root zone, resulting in healthier roots, and the natural air-pruning the GeoPot provides results in a healthy fibrous root structure and more abundant growth.

The best thing is, when you’re done for the season, the GeoPot hanging planter is washable and reusable for up to 5 grow cycles. Even if you’re short on space, the GeoPot Hanging Fabric Pot Gardening Pots allow you to grow - inside or out!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the GeoPot Hanging Fabric Pot Gardening Planter. If you’re looking for GeoPot Hanging Fabric Pot Gardening Planters near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local GeoPot retailer!

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