Short on space? Consider garden wire instead

It can be amazing to see plants that started off as a seedling start to take off growing; but then it starts to get overwhelming as vines seem to snake out across the garden, and vegetables – such as cucumbers – begin to suffer from rot from laying on the damp earth.

Plants on trellis

This is where it may be time to think about buying cages, like a tomato grow cage or supportive trellis, but depending on what you’re growing a stake and some good twist tie garden wire can do the same thing for a lot less space as well as money. Here’s why twist ties can be great for your garden as well as your wallet:

Less wasted space: A cage that encircles a plant, or a trellis meant to guide a plant as it grows are – by necessity – going to be larger than the projected size of the mature plant. While they are helpful in keeping the cucumbers, peas, and top-heavy plants off the ground, they do take up space and can be quite noticeable, especially in a smaller yard. A stake and some Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire from can be a great alternative to a bulky tomato cage, and will be far less noticeable by anyone taking a stroll through your garden. An added benefit is that is can be used for support at any stage of growth without damaging the plant.

Plant Tied to stake

Less time commitment: It takes far less time to set stakes in the ground and twist the garden wire around a vine than it does to build a trellis or ease a growing plant into a grow cage.

Easy to store: When the season is over, and it’s time to tidy up the yard in to get ready for the winter cold, nothing could be easier than tossing the garden wire in a draw for springtime plants, and laying the stakes out in the shed. By contrast, the trellis and cages are generally too big to store, and they’ll stay in the elements all winter. A few more seasons, and they’ll need replacing – this equals more money being spent, and more work overall.

Roll of soft garden twist ties

Easy to adjust as the plant grows: While there are median standards for growth, there’s no way to predict if a plant will be on the smaller side, or larger and outgrow the terrace. Undoing a Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire and reorienting it takes just a few moments, and it’s just as easy to move a stake.

Soft wire plant tie

A wider variety of uses: A Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire can be used, and re-used, in a variety of other ways as well. Use them to hang signs, bird feeders, or keep yard decorations in place. Anywhere you need a bit of help around the yard, a Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire will probably be a big help.

Soft Garden Wire

It’s easy for plants to take over a yard, and while grow cages and trellis can help, they can also make an already small space feel even smaller. The Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire and a couple of stakes will be just as helpful as a terrace or grow cage, while letting the plants be the focal point in your garden!

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