Sometimes it’s best to have options for your grow

During the winter months, when the garden has been covered and plants have been winterized, growers may start to plan what they’re going to work with when spring comes around. For those who are new to gardening, this could have been the completion of their first successful season and they’re wondering what to do for the next one. For those who haven’t had a chance to try out their green thumb, they may be wondering what they can (finally!) do in the garden when the weather gets warm.

GeoPot Garden Kit

New and experienced gardeners alike enjoy finding the ‘next-best-thing’ that will make a difference for the coming season – whether it’s an established garden, or a brand-new beginning. Geopot has what these intrepid agriculturalists need: The GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit.

GeoPot friends

Most gardeners, or those who are planning one, have already stocked up on the essentials such as gloves, shears, spade, rake, and soil – what they’re looking for is what they can use to get their sprouts off to a strong start. With their durable geotextile construction, air root-pruning capabilities, and natural aeration, GeoPots supply the best start for taking care of new growth – or even as a long-term container for both an indoor or outdoor plant!

GeoPot Garden Kit

What makes the GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit a great choice for growers looking for something new are the 3 different alternatives it gives them to try. The GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kits include: (1) 1 Gallon Black GeoPot w/ Velcro Seam for Transplanting, (1) 5 Gallon Black GeoPot w/ Handles and (2) 7 Gallon Black GeoPots. This kit is especially useful for new gardeners who may feel more comfortable trying a container garden to start with.

GeoPots as gifts

Besides providing a new avenue for growers to try, the GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit also makes an excellent gift for the gardener in your life this holiday season. Besides being a useful gift, it will be unique – not the gloves or watering can they may be expecting! The GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit will give them a chance to try something new, while also giving the seeds they sprout a solid start in an awesome environment – it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit.  If you’re looking for GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local GeoPot Fabric Pot Garden Kit retailer!


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