Summer Is Here – And So are The Pests!

Summer is here, and you’ve probably already noticed the first sprouts starting to push through the soil, flowers starting to bloom, and fruit trees starting to bud. You’ll also start to notice a lot more activity - spider mitesbroad mitesaphidsfungus gnatswhitefliesbeetles, and thrips. Summer is the most important time of the insect lifecycle, and how they fare during summer is a portent of their activity for the rest of the year.

Common pests you'll find on your plants in the spring.

This is the time of the year when it’s most important to gain control of these pests before they take over your garden and ruin your grow! Fortunately, this can be done without resorting to harsh chemicals. Two of our favorite products this summer is the OMRI listed organic pesticide Guard N’ Spray, along with the chemical-free FlyWeb Insect Cards, which not only help capture garden pests, but help provide an accurate monitor of what insects you have and in what concentration. Knowing what you have buzzing (or crawling) around the garden is a huge help in knowing which plants you’ll need to pay more attention to, and what part of your garden you should be keeping an eye on. In the event that you're dealing with a potential pest problem or full blown infestation, don’t panic -there are ways that you can combat these pests naturally and keep tabs on just what it is you're fighting. Let’s take a look at some of these products that can help get those pesky bugs to buzz off.

Pests that feed on your plants in the spring.

Guard N’ Spray

Produced by RhizofloraGuard N’ Spray is OMRI listed, and sold in a concentrated form, so there will be plenty to last the season. The active ingredients include Rosemary OilCinnamon OilSesame Oil, and Citric Acid. In terms of ease-of-use, all you need to do is dilute it with water, place it in a spray bottle, and squirt the insects you see! Of course, you’ll also want to spray your plants down – at least once a day, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Guard N’ Spray is effective in killing the most frequent garden pests: spider mitesbroad mites, aphidsfungus gnatswhitefliesbeetles, and thrips. It’s also effective at preventing both powdery and downy mildews.

Guard N' Spray pest control.

FlyWeb Insect Cards

One of the safest ways to control insects in your garden is with FlyWeb Insect Cards. Insect Cards aren’t new additions to a gardener’s arsenal, by FlyWeb has made them both Yellow/Yellow and Yellow/Blue so they attract different bugs. The Yellow/Yellow cards are ideal for aphids, whitefliesand fungus gnats while the Yellow/Blue Cards are ideal for aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips, and leafminers

What makes these cards our favorite is that they are dual sided and feature an easy-peel film that is pulled off before use. No need to worry about glue getting stuck to your clothing – or your hands! An added bonus is that these cards are serrated; they can easily be split into three smaller cards, great for monitoring or placing around the base of a stem.

The short of it is that FlyWeb Insect Cards are versatile – they can be folded into a triangular shape around the base of the plant to control fungus gnats in seedlings, clones, or mature plants or unfolded cards can be hung from the branch nodes on your plant for flying insect, aphid, and whitefly control. 

Fly Web Insect Cards

Don’t let the bugs in your garden pester you any longer! You have options, and they’re easy on your wallet and safe for the earth, too. Pick up some FlyWeb Insect Cards or Guard N’ Spray and tell those bugs to buzz off!

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on FlyWeb Insect Cards and Guard N’ Spray. If you’re looking for FlyWeb Insect Cards and Guard N’ Spray near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local retailer.

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