Tan or Black? Choosing the best fabric pot for your garden.

What exactly is the difference between Tan and Black Geopot Fabric Pots? Both the Tan  and Black Geopot fabric pots are designed to provide the best environment for your plants' roots, leading to more fruit, bigger yields, and happier flowers. The fabrics used for both the Tan and Black are the same durable, BPA free, geotextile fabric, constructed to withstand the harshest salt and moisture laden conditions season after season - the biggest difference is just the color. 

But, aside from the color, there are a couple notable differences between the two styles:

Geopot Fabric Pots


Our original black Geopot fabric pots are great for warming up those roots in the cool morning air. The black fabric is BPA Free, UV Stabilized Geo-textile Polypropylene fiber, and the black coloring helps attract the sun. 

Tan Geopot Fabric Pots are made with the same BPA Free, UV Stabilized Geo-textile Polypropylene fiber, but provide about a 2 or 3 degree temperature difference in hotter climate area due to the UV reflecting properties of the tan coloring. 

Both of these designs will be less hot on your developing root zone when compared to plastic or terracotta pots due to the constant air flow through our Geopot fabric pots.


The Black Geopot Fabric Pot is perfect for concealing dirt runoff or residue from your plants, so if having dirty looking pots is a concern, the black Geopot fabric pot is a great choice. 

Tan is a great alternative for your garden to achieve a more blended, natural feel. We recommend the tan for aesthetics and decor as well as outdoor or greenhouse container gardening, especially if blending in with the environment is important for your garden. 

Both the Tan and the Black Geopot Fabric pots are safe for organic gardening and, unlike initiation fabric pots, will last up to 5+ cycles, even with sustained direct sunlight exposure and periodic washing.


So, in summary, the biggest variation is a 2-3 degree temperature difference between the Tan and Black versions. It's also important to consider how the color of each will fit into the aesthetics of your garden. Either way, whether it's tan or black, with or without handles, or squat pot or not, you can't go wrong with a Geopot Fabric Pot

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