The Benefits of Using Trellis Netting In Your Garden

Gardeners of all levels may find that their grow can sometimes get out of hand, especially. What started out as a clean line of cucumber sprouts or tomatoes can sprawl out over their originally designated area quickly, often infringing on different plants and taking over any open ground space.

One of the best ways to open up space in your garden – and avoid root-rot from overwatering – is to support your climbing plants with Sungrower Trellis Netting.

Here are some important benefits to growing with trellis netting:

  • It’s easier to water the plant at the main stem, keeping the leaves dry and warding off the fungal diseases that can infest over-watered plants.
  • The light distribution will be more uniform, since the leaves will be more spread out.
  • The fruit you grow can be easily harvested. Because they’ll be hanging from a raised vine, they’ll be more easily seen and simple to reach.
  • You will increase the space in your yard – by growing up and not out, you’ll free up space to grow more of your non-climbing plants.
  • You’ll be creating a healthier environment for your plants - plants up off the ground increases air flow and can help minimize plant diseases.

As you can see, using trellis netting can open up your garden to more space, better airflow, and many other beneficial growing conditions. We hope you consider supporting your plants with trellis netting in the future.

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