The GeoPot Holiday Gift Guide

The season of giving is upon us! Here at GeoPot, we couldn’t be more excited to relax, celebrate, and show some appreciation for our close friends and family members.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to find the perfect gifts for the special gardening enthusiasts in your life. You just might find what you’re looking for in our curated collection of great gift ideas for passionate growers.

GeoPot Fabric Pots

You can’t go wrong with our flagship product, the GeoPot Fabric Pot. Any gardener will appreciate its durable, breathable fabric that encourages superior drainage, soil aeration, and air root pruning, which allows the roots to branch out and create more pathways for absorbing water and nutrients. GeoPot Fabric Pots are available in black and tan colors, with or without handles, and a variety of sizes so you can round out your loved one’s collection with something new.

Bonus Tip: Fill the GeoPot with a bounty of additional gifts for extra visual appeal.


GeoPot Transplanter Pot

GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot

For something a little more unique, consider the GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot. With all the same benefits as the original, this model includes a velcro seam that allows the gardener to open an entire side for easy and safe removal of the root ball when transplanting to another container. This makes it a great gift for growers who are pre-planning their spring garden.

Bonus Tip: Pairs well with larger GeoPot Fabric Pots for future transplanting.


GeoPot Gardening Kit

GeoPot Garden Kit

The GeoPot Garden Kit offers a collection of our most popular sizes and styles to give the new or experienced grower in your life a starter kit into the wonderful world of fabric pot gardening. This combo pack includes two 7-Gallon GeoPot Fabric Pots with Handles, one 5-Gallon GeoPot Fabric Pot, and one 1-Gallon GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot.

Bonus Tip: Give this item either as a complete kit or wrap each of the fabric pots individually for extra mileage.


GeoPot Potato Bag

GeoPot Potato Bag

The GeoPot Potato Bag is one of our more novel gift options. What makes this fabric pot special is an access window at the bottom of one of the sides, allowing the gardener to monitor the growth of their potatoes within the soil. When the potatoes are ready for harvesting, the gardener can simply open the velcro flap to pull them out without the need to dig and potentially harm the plants.

Bonus Tip: Hide a greeting card, gift, or holiday message behind the access window for a fun surprise.


GeoPot Hanging Garden Planter

Give the gift of vertical growing with the GeoPot Hanging Garden Planter, which is available in 2 or 4-bag options! This is a fun aesthetic alternative to planting herbs, ornamentals, strawberries, succulents, and more. On top of all the aforementioned benefits of fabric pot gardening, this style allows water to drain downward from one plant to another, resulting in better water efficiency.

Bonus Tip: Try filling the bags with gifts and hanging the planter in place of stockings this year.


GeoPot Hanging PotGeoPot Hanging Basket

Another great gift idea for gardeners looking to spice up their outdoor style is the GeoPot Hanging Basket. These are great for either single plants or a mixed arrangement and can be easily hung from a hook or tree branch to add some visual flair to the garden.

Bonus Tip: Like the Hanging Planter, this item will look great hanging on display and loaded with gifts.


Trim Bin

Trim Bin

When the next harvest comes, your loved ones will thank you for saving their backs with the ergonomic and efficient Trim Bin. Thanks to its rounded edges and high-molded walls, trimming harvested product can actually be a comfortable and pleasant experience. Plus, the Trim Bin’s 2-tray system and 150-micron filter allows the collection of smaller particles for further processing.

Bonus Tip: This item pairs especially well with the Scissor Scrubber below.


Scissor Scrubber

Scissor Scrubber

Your favorite gardener will probably be surprised by this remarkable gift item. The Scissor Scrubber makes the job of cleaning trimming scissors portable, easy, and quick. They’ll just need to fill the container with a cleaning solution of their choice, let their dirty scissors soak, and scrub with interior bristles that won’t dull the blades. 

Bonus Tip: Makes a great stocking stuffer!

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We hope our Holiday Gift Guide inspires you with some good ideas this season. We’re confident that everything on this list would make any growing enthusiast excited to get back out into the garden.

Looking for even more ideas? You can see our complete collection of gardening products here.


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