Top 5 Uses for Gardening Scissors

Fall is the time for harvesting the fruits of your labor and for cleaning up the garden. Along with the labor-intensive tasks involved with this season, there are many smaller detail-oriented chores that require a more fine-tuned, accurate approach. Hobbyists and commercial growers alike find that garden scissors help to make these jobs easier, neater, and more efficient, while preserving the quality of their end product.

Here are the top 5 uses for garden scissors:

Harvesting Vegetables

Vegetables can be pulled from the ground or plucked from a vine, but if done too aggressively, it can result in a bruised or damaged vegetable that will be liable to decay quicker and may not be suitable for sale. A pair of garden scissors will allow the produce to be clipped cleanly from the vine.

Deadheading Flowers

Deadheading is the process of removing faded or decayed flowers from plants. In addition to improving the garden's aesthetics, it is an important task that encourages the health of the plants and enhances the flowering efficacy of perennials.

Trimming Herbs

Herbs need to be trimmed as they grow so they don’t become too woody, and so that new growth can form, but using your hands for this task can do damage to the plants and leave them vulnerable to disease. Garden scissors work well for cleanly harvesting herbs while maintaining the health of the plant for the future.


A clean, smooth line can give a finished look to the places that a lawn meets a garden bed, or along the edges of a walkway. It takes far more effort than leaving the job to a weed-whacker or lawnmower, but spending some time using garden scissors to clean up the lines will make an overall difference on the first impression of the yard.

Pruning Shrubs

Garden scissors are fantastic tools for spot trimming shaped hedges like boxwood or ornamental topiary. While they’re not ideal for use in the original shaping of the shrubs, garden scissors can be a great tool for neatly trimming stray growth and helping it look well manicured.

Gardener's Little Helper

Garden scissors can be a grower's best friend when it comes to maintaining, harvesting, and trimming the plants in the garden. If you haven't considered using them before, we highly recommend adding them to your collection of essential gardening tools. Your plants will thank you.

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