Transplanting is hard for the plant – but you can help

Transplanting is one of the most stressful things for a plants system, and when it’s rushed or done incorrectly, it can kill the plant. The shock of being uprooted is difficult, and even if done carefully can result in the plant needing extra attention (and water!) for a week or so after transplanting.

Roses wilting after being transplanted

Here are some of the steps you can take to make the transplant less stressful for your plant:

  • Try to transplant during the early evening hours, so it will be cooler and the plant has the night to adjust to being moved before the heat of the day.
  • Really soak the roots and make sure the plant is well watered the day before transplanting; this helps make sure the entire plant – from roots to leaves – is well hydrated.

Watering a plant

  • Prepare the ground for your plant, saturate the hole with water for the roots.
  • When you place the plant in the hole, fill it halfway with soil, water again, then finish filling the whole.
  • The final part of the transplant is to lightly tamp the soil on top to close any air holes around the root-ball, and water the plant again, leaves and all.

Patting soil around a transplanted plant

Following these steps should make the transplant less stressful for the plant, but to give yourself peace of mind about whether you’ve given the plant all it needs to succeed, Myco Fusion Green 150 is a fantastic root inoculant, aiding in the uptake of phosphorus and water as well as providing seven different strains of endomycorrhizal spores as well as two different strains of beneficial bacteria and one strain of Trichoderma. Endomycorrhizae refers to the type of close relationship between a plant and root fungi, where the hyphae, or thread-like material of the fungus, actually penetrates the cells of the root – Myco-Fusion Green 150  has all the things that make roots happy and transplants less stressful!

Myco fusion green 150

If you’re growing organic, no problem! Myco-Fusion Green 150 is manufactured using an organic, holistic culturing method, and contains no fillers, no fertilizers; nothing hidden - you can use Myco-Fusion Green 150 directly at the root zone, where mycorrhizae is intended to be applied.

When you’re finished transplanting, check on your plant daily for the next couple of weeks, watering often. Soon, you should notice your transplanted plant looking sturdy and beginning to sprout new growth…success!

Peppers planted and blooming

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the Myco-Fusion Green 150. If you’re looking for Myco-Fusion Green 150 near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local Myco-Fusion Green 150 retailer!

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