Transplanting made easy

A container garden has a unique set of benefits such as less of a risk of soil-borne disease, almost no problems with weeds, and more control over moisture, sun, and even temperature. These facts may make growing in a container seem like the ultimate choice for a successful growing season, but there is one important process that has to be taken - transplanting. 

Container garden

Transplanting needs to happen because no matter what you’re growing, it will eventually outgrow the pot. The sign that gardeners need to look out for include: soil that dries out quickly or has become degraded, roots that are tightly packed within a pot or protruding from drainage holes, and water that sits on the surface of the soil for too long after watering. This is where the problems can happen for a lot of growers – depending on how root-bound the plant is, it can be difficult to remove, which means that you may have to tug it out with a lot of force, trim the roots, or can end up inadvertently breaking the pot – all of which add to the stress the plant’s going to go through, affecting its growth cycle and its yields.

Stressed plants

Stress for your plants is a very real thing: Plant stress is a state where the plant is growing in non-ideal growth conditions that increase the demands made upon it. The effects of stress can lead to deficiencies in growth, crop yields, permanent damage or death if the stress exceeds the plant tolerance limits – yipes! Though you may try to remove the plant from the pot with the greatest care, the plant will be affected, and if it’s not replanted quickly – and with care – the stress will be difficult for it to overcome.

GeoPot is here to get rid of this problem for you! The GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam allows the side of the container to open for easy removal of the root ball when transplanting, which makes transplanting quick and easy while reducing transplanting shock. No more inverting the pot and trying to yank the plant out, and best of all – no more root-bound plants! The GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam is an aerated fabric pot that promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields. 

Transplanter pot

Not only that, but the durable, washable, reusable for up to 5 cycles, so you can have a successful grow season after season. True to GeoPot standards, the GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam has strong marine-grade stitching on handles and quad-stitch seam, and is available in in sizes up to 1000 gallons so you’re good to grow at any scale! 

Have a hydroponic or garden supply store? Left Coast Wholesale has you covered with wholesale pricing available on the GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam. If you’re looking for GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam near you, call 800.681.1757 today to find a local GeoPot Fabric Transplanter Pot with Velcro Seam!













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