Trellis netting will take your grow to new heights

Gardeners of all levels may find that their grow can get out of hand, especially with a vegetable garden. What started out as a clean line of cucumber sprouts can sprawl out over their originally designated area quickly, often infringing on different plants and taking over any open ground space.

Types of trellises.

One of the best ways to open up space in your garden – and avoid root-rot from overwatering – is to grow your cucumbers (or any climbing plant) on a trellis. Easy to set up, and useful for keeping your plants healthy, there are some undeniable benefits to growing with a trellis.

  • It’s easier to water the plant at the main stem, keeping the leaves dry and warding off the fungal diseases that can often beleaguer over-watered plants.
  • The color will be more uniform, as it hasn’t been resting on the ground or halfway hidden underneath leaves.
  • The fruit you grow can be easily harvested. Because they’ll be hanging from a raised vine, they’ll be more easily seen and simple to reach.
  • The fruit will be cleaner because it hasn’t been sitting in the dirt.

Now that you’ve decided a trellis is the way to assert some kind of control over your climbing plants, it’s time to decide which type of trellis will work for your yard and your grow. First, find out which type of climbing plants you have; some wrap, some adhere, and some curl. Most climbing plants will be just fine with netting for a trellis – either over a planter box or stretched over an upright frame – while others with heavier fruit may need a solid frame to climb to support the weight as they mature. For cucumbers, in particular, netting works well either suspended horizontally over a planter box or stretched over a frame. Provided that the trellis netting is more than 2" square to space out the plants, you’ll be good to grow!

Trellis netting with climbing plant

As your grow starts to become established, you’ll notice some additional benefits from integrating a trellis (or two!) into your garden:

  • You use less water. Because you’re able to focus on watering the plant directly at the main stem, instead of dousing the entire plant, you’ll be able to give the plant just what it needs.
  • You will increase the space in your yard – by growing up and not out, you’ll free up space to grow more of your non-climbing plants.
  • You’ll be creating a healthier environment for your plants - plants up off the ground increases air flow and can help minimize plant diseases.

If you’re on board to start your new grow using a trellis, but find the idea of building it daunting, there’s hope: GeoPot offers a trellis kit which has a block of netting – either 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' netting (with 6" squares) -  (4) four-way 3/4-inch fittings and zip ties. The only thing left to buy are the lengths of PVC piping, which - with the right measurements – shouldn’t be difficult to find at your local hardware store.

Creating a roomier, more organized garden that will help bloom better looking fruits is easier than ever. If you’re ready to give trellis gardening a try, start with a GeoPlanter and add a trellis netting kit for a fast start.

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