We have all the Black Friday deals you need

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you know what comes next…Black Friday! Time to get on your running shoes, hop in the car, and scramble with the other harried shoppers for once a year deals…or not.

At GeoPot, we want you to relax and enjoy that turkey a little longer – that’s why we’re bringing the deals to you! This Friday, November 29ththrough the first week of December, we’re making your Black Friday Deals easy to grab, without waiting in line!

Here's the deals you’ll get starting on the 29th:

GeoPot SquatPots: 50% off! Any size – from 2 gallon up to 400. If we have it in stock, you’ll only pay half price.

Squat Pot

GeoPots and G-Lites: 20% off! This deal includes ALL GeoPots – even the specialty ones like the Potato Bag, Transplanter, and the GeoPot Garden Kit. That’s all whole lot of holiday gifts, for your friends, family, and yourself!

Transplanter GeoPot

Geoplanters: 15% off! Any planter, any size, any way you want to build it, 15% off.


ALL Nutrients and Supplements: 15% off! You can make a big difference in your yields when the planting season comes around again with this deal on Ecomax, Geoflora VEG and BLOOM, Grow Science Organic, Tribus, Terpinator and Purpinator.

Purpinator all sizes

All propagation equipment: 15% off! Everything we carry from iHort – trays, plugs, humidity domes, even the 50 Cell Propagation Kit – all on sale, this one week only. This is your chance to get on deal on the good to get your seeds and cuttings growing the right way!

Propagation kit

All Canopy Management products: 15% off! Sungrower Trellis Netting, Sungrower Trellis Kit for the Geoplanter, the EZ Hanger Rope Ratchet and even our Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire are marked down and ready for you to get planting this spring.

Sungrower Trellis Netting

Pest control: 15% off! Those aphids and that downy mildew may be hibernating away for the winter, but they’ll be back – get ready for them with our own OMRI listed Guard ‘n Spray along with the blue/yellow FlyWeb Insect Monitor Cards.

Guard 'n Spray

Take care of all your holiday shopping without leaving the house! Forget the mall and 24-hour sales, we’ve got you covered all week starting this Friday, November 29th!


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