When your container garden is all about aesthetics

There are plenty of reasons individuals decide to grow; it can be for fresh fruits and vegetable, for an outdoor hobby, to learn more about the natural world, and…beauty. This is easy to see whenever you notice a carefully maintained rose garden or flower bed, the results can sometimes be nothing short of stunning

The good thing is, you can grow a bright bed of flowers even if you’re a novice gardener with a limited amount of space. There are any number of blooming plants that will brighten up a porch or back deck; begonias, geraniums, marigolds, and petunias are all hardy flowers that will do great in a container and add a splash of color to your space.

The container you decide to plant in is a part of how you’ll see your flowers, so it’s important to decide how you want to present your new blooms;

Broken plastic pots

Plastic pots: These are the most affordable choice for a budget-conscious grower, but they can be a bad choice for the plants. While they are easy to clean and reuse, the plastic can become brittle outside in the sun, and plastic pots are prone to fading and discoloration. Because the walls are so thin on a plastic pot, it will heat up on a hot day, which can damage the plant that’s growing in it.

Broken ceramic pot

Ceramic pots: Ceramic pots are popular because there is such a variety in decoration – they can be plain, sculptural, painted, or glazed. They can also be heavy, and even more so when filled with soil. They can crack or chip easily, especially in cold weather. The curved shape of some ceramic pots can make re-potting a plant more difficult, though not impossible.

GeoPot Garden

Fabric pots: fabric pots, like those made by GeoPot, are a good choice for many reasons. One of the huge advantages if the air root-pruning capabilities these pots have, which will keep your plants from becoming root-bound. They also allow for proper water drainage and keep roots cool in hot weather.

Round bottom GeoPot with flowers

The Round Bottom GeoPot is one of the best choices for decorative flowers around your yard, or even inside your house! The plain geotextile Round Bottom GeoPot is a complement to whatever flower you’re growing – it won’t distract the eye from the gorgeous blooms. Round Bottom GeoPots offer the benefits of air-pruning and breathability found in normal GeoPots, in a slightly slimmer, vase-like shape while still offering the same excellent breathability for heat regulation, high drainage, and sturdy construction.

Round GeoPot with garden

Not just that, but the geotextile fabric is made from BPA free plastics, and the marine-grade thread performs season after season - in even the harshest salt and moisture laden conditions! The Round Bottom GeoPot will work hard to keep your flowers healthy without taking any of the attention away from them!

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