Five Garden Pots for Small Spaces

In recent years, gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies around. The desire to grow food and connect with nature is a common theme across all generations, especially in today’s tech-centric world. With over 50% of the world’s population now living in urbanized areas, living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller-- that can have a significant impact on people’s ability to grow the plants and food that they would otherwise be able to. But we don’t think that space should slow you down. Here are 5 products that can help you get a garden going with under 100 square feet of space.


1. GeoPot Containers

The GeoPot is the answer to your home garden needs. The GeoPot is made from thick geotextile fabric designed to drain easily and provide benefits of air pruning. Air pruning ensures better distribution of feeder roots in plants. The Tap root of plants gathers water, while the feeder roots are responsible for gathering nutrients. This system boosts yields while preventing root diseases and rot.

GeoPots are fully reusable, and come with a hemmed edge and optional handles. Rated for multiple seasons, these pots can be washed and reused if needed when rotating crops in and out of your garden. The square bottom of the  Geopots are designed to ensure efficient and predictable use of space, especially in tight quarters. Use with tomatoes, peppers, ornamentals, or even small shrubs and herbs! The possibilities are endless.

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2. Squat Pot Containers

The Squat Pot is effectively a GeoPot designed to maximize use of horizontal space in your garden. Its stout, wide design is perfect for herb gardens, lettuces, and other shallow rooting crops. In addition to more planting space, Squat Pots use around ¾ the amount of soil than a traditional pot of the same size.

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3. GeoPlanters

Made from the same geotextile fabric as the other pots, Geoplanters are a great way to plant a full garden in limited space. By creating a section plan for your planter, you can grow a full variety of vegetables or flowers in just one planter. GeoPlanters come in many sizes, and are great for backyards, balconies, and community or rooftop style gardens.

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4. Hanging Gardens

Looking for the perfect pot for strawberries, herbs, or decorative flowers but short on ground space? The GeoPot Hanging garden has you covered. Simply hang with the attached straps and plant away!

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5. The Potato Bag

The GeoPot Potato Bag is a great way to grow potatoes in a small space. Simply roll the edges of the bag to start, and add potatoes. Add more soil as plants grow until the bag is fully unrolled and in its original state. Then use the convenient velcro window to check on your potatoes, or pull them as needed. Great for saving space in raised beds or on the patio/balcony. 

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