Earth Alive - Soil Activator® Soil Microbes

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Earth Alive Soil Activator® boosts yields by increasing the availability of plant nutrients in the soil.

Earth Alive Soil Activator® is a biofertilizer composed of a blend of naturally occurring soil microorganisms with an all-natural forestry byproduct.

Intended for all types of plants and soils, Earth Alive Soil Activator® releases nutrients from organic matter, boosts nitrogen levels in the soil, solubulizes phosphorus, and improves micronutrient availability. Amending Soil Activator® into your growing media will also help improve soil moisture retention and manage transplant shock, making it a fantastic all purpose tool for any gardener.

To use, simply amend into the soil prior to transplant. Earth Alive Soil Activator requires only one application per cycle. If you miss transplant, mix with water according to the instruction on the package and apply to the soil.