Buckle Dry Racks

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Drying herbs, peppers, or flowers? 

Dry Herbs, Peppers, flowers, and more with the Flower Tower Dry Rack. Flower Tower Dry Racks feature many options that save time and make it easier to dry your harvests.

Maximize vertical drying space

Each Flower Tower Dry Rack is designed to allow you to dry your harvested crop efficiently while also allowing for full airflow. Horizontal drying racks with 6-8 tiers allow for optimal use of available drying space.

Designed for high yield, high volume crops

All Flower Tower Dry Racks are equipped with a center strap to prevent bowing in the middle, which can lead to unevenly dried product. Our Buckle Dry Racks have eight support straps on the top rack and feature clips on every level which makes it simple to add or remove layers as needed.

 Each Flower Tower Dry Rack comes with it's own carrying case for easy storage. 

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