Genesis MH Bulb

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The Genesis Metal Halide Bulb

  • Designed and engineered for horticulture
  • Deliver 22% more energy in the blue and red enhanced ARC spectrum.
  • We did this to maximize the PAR light spectrum plants utilize for essential oil production and plant growth (increasing the spectrum in the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths).
  • Genesis Bulbs can be mounted in vertical and horizontal lighting fixtures.
  • Provide 17% more total spectral energy over leading competitor brands which increases your plant responses, providing more vigorous growth during the vegetative stages.
  • Spectral enhancements deliver a thicker stem and cell wall, as well as less plant stretching and smaller internodal spacing.
  • Increased total PAR output displays stronger intrinsic genetic attributes.
  • Pulse Start Technology used in all Genesis Bulbs.

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