Octo-Flow 8 Port Irrigation Manifold

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Each Octo-Flow unit comes pre-packaged with a hex key, o-ring, and hex wrench, and provides users with 2 products in one durable, easy to configure package - no additional purchases needed!

The Octo-Flow is an 8 port adjustable irrigation manifold that allows growers to dial in their irrigation setups easily at any scale. The patented design allows users to control their flow rate with ease thanks to an innovative hex key plunger system which modifies flow rates from 0-50 Gallons Per Hour with a simple turn of a key. In addition to an adjustable flow rate configuration, the Octo-Flow can be quickly and easily converted into a full-open flow unit with a 667 Gallon Per Hour flow rate with the included plug and o-ring.

Octo-Flow units have a 1/2” NPT inlet port and fit  1/4” or 3/16” tubing, making them an ideal choice for irrigation setups at any scale. Octo-Flow units are made from a recyclable, U/V resistant noryl ABSL Plastic specially selected to withstand even the most demanding of growing conditions for multiple seasons.