ECOMAX - Neem Kernel Fertilizer

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Vegan Plant Nutrition

ECOMAX 6-1-2 is a vegan organic plant nutrient derived from Neem, a renowned herb that’s been a part of traditional natural remedies for almost 5000 years. Neem’s immense untapped potential in plant nutrition and plant health is just beginning to unfold with the recognition of its innumerable benefits. ECOMAX is 100% safe for the planet, plants, people & pets.

Slow Release Nutrients 

ECOMAX is a slow-release plant nutrient rich in protein, carbohydrates, macronutrients and trace micronutrients that not only supports plant nutrition but also improves soil health and provides microbial nutrition.

Countless Benefits - One Amendment

Besides being a slow release vegan organic nutrient, ECOMAX also enhances uptake of other plant nutrients through chelation with macro and micronutrients in the cultivation medium. ECOMAX drastically helps to improve soil fertility by providing a rich source of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates for beneficial soil microbes, which in turn improves soil and plant health. ECOMAX also produces organic acids over time in soil with rich microbial activity, which reduces the alkalinity of the soil and creates an ideal environment for increased nutrient assimilation & availability. It is one of the most versatile organic growing products and is a must-have in any organic grower’s arsenal.