Growth Science Organics - Abundant Sea

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Growth Science Organics - Abundant Sea


All Growth Science Organics Products are CDFA OIM registered, WSDA Organic Approved, Clean Green Certified, and OMRI Listed for organic use.

Kelp Based Vegetative Fertilizer

Macrocystis integrifolia, commonly known as Giant Pacific Kelp, is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth. It’s also one of the many secrets behind Abundant-Sea™. The more successful the vegetative stage, the more fruits and flowers your plant will be able to produce. 

Abundant-Sea™ has been specifically designed to encourage this rapid growth during a plant’s vegetative stage with an impressive array of natural ingredients. 

It’s this extensive nutrient mix within Abundant-Sea™ that helps plants to reach their full vegetative growth capacity.

Start Right, End Right.

Apply Abundant-Sea as a foliar spray, or as a root drench to achieve strong structure and rapid foliar development in plants. A successful Vegetative stage leads to a stronger Flowering/Fruit set, which is essential for higher yields in crops. Abundant Sea can be used to reduce the overall time in the Vegetative stage where necessary. 

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