Growth Science Organics - Grow

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Growth Science Organics - Grow


All Growth Science Organics Products are CDFA OIM registered, WSDA Organic Approved, Clean Green Certified, and OMRI Listed for organic use.

It All Starts With Growth

Growth Science® Organics Grow contains an array of elements to help plants reach their full vegetative growth capacity. From our extensive line up of natural ingredients, your plant will find the components it needs to create a bounty of green vegetation.

The Basis for Life

The nitrogen found in Grow will help supply your plant with building blocks that will help make proteins to aid in cell division and growth, as well as regulate cellular metabolism. Potassium and phosphorus are provided to help build proteins and promote cellular growth. Grow is made from a unique freshwater fish blend rich in amino acids, proteins, fats, and oils that aid in the cellular growth process in plants. 

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