Growth Science Organics - Humic Tonic

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Growth Science Organics - Humic Tonic


All Growth Science Organics Products are CDFA OIM registered, WSDA Organic Approved, Clean Green Certified, and OMRI Listed for organic use.

Build Your Soil

Humic Acids are essential to preventing a buildup of unavailable nutrients, and help rebuild organic matter in soil to feed bacteria.This results in more nutrient holding capacity in your soil in addition to improved nutrient uptake, resulting in a nutrient rich media for years to come.

Humic Tonic - A Gift From The Past

Long ago, before man walked the earth, a strange landscape of pre-historic plants and animals both lived and died under a primordial sun. Layer after layer, their decomposing remains re-united with the earth from which they came. Concentrations of naturally occurring acids transformed as the centuries passed into rich deposits known as “leonardite”. Growth Science® harnesses this wonderful gift of nature by providing humic acid derived from leonardite into a product we proudly call… Humic Tonic™.

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