Myco Fusion Green 150

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Bio Myco-Fusion Green 150 is a granular product that you use the day you transplant.

Myco-Fusion Green 150 is a root inoculant, aiding in the uptake of phosphorus and water. It is an endomycorrhizal product only, so it's a pure inoculum for your fast-growing annuals and high performance, indoor plants.

Specifically made for your plant, there are several bacteria strains in the composition as well as Trichoderma that are non-antagonistic to the mycorrhizae spores. Myco-Fusion Green 150 is manufactured by an organic, holistic culturing method.

Everything in the Myco-Fusion Green 150 is organic and natural.

Myco-Fusion Green 150 is an endomycorrhizal inoculant. Spore count of 150 propagules per gram, containing seven different strains of endomycorrhizal spores as well as two different strains of beneficial bacteria and one strain of Trichoderma.

Myco-Fusion Green 150 is Endomycorrhizae only which is key for the fast-growing annuals. If you're not growing trees such as firs, oaks, pines or birches, Ectomycorrhizae is not an appropriate component in your mycorrhizae product.

Because Myco-Fusion Green 150 is a pure inoculum, it contains no "fillers", no fertilizers, nothing hidden in the product, you can use it directly to the root zone which is where mycorrhizae is intended to be applied.

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