Question: How long will these fabric containers last?

Answer: The longevity of our GeoPots varies between each user. For our smaller container users who may be doing an indoor project and will be washing between cycles, the GeoPot can last as long as 5 cycles! For our medium scale growers who could be using anywhere between a 20-45 gallon, we project about a 3 year lifespan. And finally, for those big time farmers that trial all the way up to our 400 gallon, we recommend looking to renew after about 2-3 years.

Question: What about your Glite lifespan?

Our Glite Series are recommended for those that are watching their budget and would like to receive air root pruning without spending too much money. The Glite is made with a little bit thinner material so it will last about 2-3 cycles (with or without washing).

Question: Will I have to water these more often because they are more porous?

“Always remember that the most important air that your root zone can be supplied with comes from adequate drainage of the medium. It is fundamental to understand that during the lights off period [night time for out door gardens] the top third of the root zone consumes oxygen from the roots surroundings not the nutrient solution…While good water retention is important in a system in which less irrigation is desired, so is good drainage important in order to maintain adequate oxygen movement within the medium”

-David Robinson, ‘The Grower’s Handbook’. Poor drainage will cause root rot. Root rot is a condition found in both indoor and outdoor plants, although more common in indoor plants with poor drainage. Usually, this is a result of over-watering. In both indoor and outdoor plants, it is usually lethal and there is no effective treatment. The excess water makes it very difficult for the roots to get the air that they need, causing them to decay. To avoid root rot, it is best to only water plants when the soil becomes dry, and to put the plant in a well-drained pot.

Question: What is the difference between your black and tan style of GeoPots?

Our black GeoPot original is great for warming up those roots in the cool morning air as well as concealing dirt runoff or residue from your plants. Tan is a great alternative for your garden to achieve a more blended feel. We recommend the tan for asthetics and décor as well as blending. The tans provide about a 2 or 3 degree temperature difference in hotter climate area. Both of these designs will be less hot on your developing root zone when compared to plastic or terracotta due to the constant air flow through our fabric GeoPot.

Question: What are your GeoPots made of?

It is made of a UV Stabilized Geo-textile Polypropylene fiber that is heat bonded on one side. It is safe for organic gardening and will last about 2-3 years even with periodical machine washes. You can wash your pots with either Oxyclean or peroxide to sterilize. It works extremely well in removing any build up residue without leaving behind and residue itself.

Question: How does one wash or sterilize their GeoPots between uses?

Start by cleaning out your GeoPot thoroughly with shop-vac (or by hand) all dirt/medium. Wash out with either warm OR cold water either by hand or in a washer, power wash or hose is just fine. Use either Oxyclean or a peroxide mixture to sterilize, will leave behind little to no residue or harsh perfumes after you are all done. Let air dry and store away for next time

Question: Where can I find information about local stores that carry GeoPots?

GeoPots are distributed in many countries around the world, you can contact the following distribution companies to find the store nearest you to purchase:

Left Coast Garden Wholesale
(800) 681-1757
Great Lakes Garden Wholesale
(586) 795-9455
Green Planet Wholesale
(604) 580-1287
Green Outlaw
Hydro Industry Direct