iHort 50 Cell Propagation Kit (No Dome)

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This grow kit is ready to roll right out of the wrapper, and gives growers at any scale the ability to create stunning starts and healthy clones with ease.

The Q Plug 50 Propagation Kit contains 50 40/40 size Q Plugs, a carrier tray, and a 50-Cell Plug Tray all wrapped in one convenient package. Drop your favorite seeds into the plugs, keep them moist and watch the magic happen! 

The Q Plug propagation plug is specially designed to provide the ideal growing environment for your clones, seedlings, and cuttings in high density or closely populated trays. The Q Plug provides excellent aeration and buffering for root development, with superior water control compared to other propagation plugs. A strong foundation for your plants is the first step to success, and healthy, robust root systems are an important part of this process.

This kit DOES NOT include the Humidity Dome