G-Lite XL Professional Fabric Pot

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Grow Big on a Small Budget.

Introducing the new G-Lite XL Professional Fabric Pot from Geopot. G-Lite XL Professional Fabric Pots were created in response to the absence of quality, economical fabric pot options available to serious cultivators in large volume sizes. G-Lite XL Professional Fabric Pots utilize a lightweight yet durable fabric tough enough to handle any job while still being easy on the wallet, making it a viable replacement for bulkier plastic containers normally used for large plants. We did extensive research to find the right material that would hold up to the demanding growing conditions and climates these pots would be used in, and in order to achieve the best result, we have used an entirely new fabric stock from that found in other GeoPots.

Big Benefits for your Plants

Based on the design of our incredibly popular G-Lite Pots, G-Lite XL fabric pots sport high drainage and air-pruning capabilities which helps prevent both root circling and root-zone issues from developing in your plants.

Growing with G-Lite XL  improves the quality and number of available roots to feed the plant you grow, resulting in increased yields and healthy plants, as well as improved activity in microorganism populations due to breathability and aeration within the rootzone.