G-Natural - Biodegradable Organic Fabric Gardening Pot

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Landfill? Never Fear. Eco Friendly Fabric Pots Are Here

G-Natural is an organic, eco-friendly plant container made from burlap, a loosely woven fabric made from jute fibers. G-Natural can be filled with soil and sit above ground for container gardening, or can be planted in the ground, at which time the roots can grow through the fabric into the native soil, while the container gradually biodegrades. The natural fibers come from the stem of the Jute plant which is a member of the hibiscus family. Jute burlap is organic and 100 percent naturally biodegradable within 2-3 months of use.

Good for the Earth, Good for your Garden.

G-Natural is completely breathable, allowing air to enter the root zone, creating a healthy environment for the roots. Roots are naturally air pruned as they reach the edge of the container, allowing uptake of more water and nutrient to the plant. The appearance of the natural jute fabric is aesthetically pleasing and will fit into any garden. 

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