Genesis HPS Bulbs

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Not All Bulbs are Made Equal

Genesis HPS Grow Light Bulbs deliver 27% more energy in the blue and red spectrum than competitor brands for superior performance and best-in-class yields. Genesis HPS Grow Light Bulbs also secure 19% more spectral energy than the leading competitor brands. This improves the photosynthetic response of the plant greatly, resulting in rapid growth and better yields. Spectral enhancements also deliver a thicker stem and cell wall, as well as less plant stretching and smaller internodal spacing. Genesis HPS Grow Light Bulbs were specially designed to maximize the PAR of the light spectrum used by plants for essential oil production. 


Industry Leading Power, Performance, and Longevity.

Genesis HPS Grow Light Bulbs are the standard for high performance grow lights. Each bulb is painstakingly inspected in the factory and tested to ensure quality performance and longevity. HPS Grow lights are ideal for  indoor growing and greenhouse applications, and require a fixture and ballast to operate efficiently. Genesis Bulbs also have a lower depreciation of PAR over time than leading competitor brands, making them a great value for your indoor or greenhouse operation. Genesis Bulbs are compatible with digital, electronic, and magnetic ballasts.