Geoflora Organic Nutrients - BLOOM Formula

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One Part BLOOM Formula

Geoflora Nutrients BLOOM offers a complete  fertilizer package for  growers that feeds your soil and provides all of the nutrients necessary for bountiful fruit and flowering set in your plants. 
Our  formula contains 19 organic and all-natural Inputs, diverse phosphorous and potassium sources, a specially selected  charge of beneficial bacteria, and a unique granular form factor.
Geoflora BLOOM is the easiest, safest way to grow without all the fuss - No harmful dust, no mixing, and no caked powders!

Make Any Soil Super Soil

Geoflora BLOOM provides all of the  nutrient sources needed to support your plant through the flowering cycle - just top dress every two weeks and water as you would normally water your plants. It's that easy. 
Already using an amended soil? No problem! Geoflora BLOOM can be used to re-amend and replenish organic materials in your soil to keep a ready supply of nutrients available in your soil during flowering. 
Geoflora BLOOM works best with Peat or Coconut Fiber based growing media and  soils, and should not be used in aquaponic or soil-less grow media such as Rockwool.

Not Ready for Flowering? 

We recommend using Geoflora VEG to give your plants a solid starting point and structure to support your flowers. Once you're ready to start flowering, simply replace Geoflora VEG with Geoflora BLOOM.