GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed - 48" x 48" 2 Pack

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This bundle features our most popular GeoPlanter size in a two pack for a savings of $25! 

Better Raised Bed Gardening. 

Raised bed gardens are one of the best ways to garden. Not only are the savings on water and fertilizers great, but raised beds also create the ideal soil environment for organic and no-till garden systems. The GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed combines the benefits and aeration of GeoPots with a raised bed construction that requires no tools and can be put up in a matter of minutes. 

Durability Meets Design

The GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed is made from the same renowned durable geotextile fabric as the GeoPot, but in a raised planter bed form that will last for years of continuous gardening. The seams are sewn with a high-quality bonded polyester thread built to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure. The PVC framed GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Bed comes in a variety of container sizes that will fit commercial to personal gardening needs. The PVC pipe frame provides support, and offers a convenient base for building a plant support trellis with our adaptable trellis kit. 

GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds are compatible with most flood and drain trays. Click here to see true internal and outer dimensions - we recommend selecting a tray with an internal dimension greater than the outer dimension of the GeoPlanter you are purchasing for a perfect fit! 

Fabric vs Traditional Raised Beds

Traditional raised beds simply don't compare to the performance offered by the GeoPlanter. GeoPlanter Fabric Raised Beds feature these benefits:

  • Aerated fabric container - promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields.
  • Multiple configurations and options, easy to assemble.
  • Durable, washable, reusable.
  • PVC pipe frame provides support, and offers a convenient base for building a plant support trellis or cold frame above
  • Strong marine-grade stitching built to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.
  • Allows proper water drainage, and naturally keeps roots cool.
  • For commercial and personal growers alike.

 Available with 4x4 and 4x8 Trellis Kit attachment*

*Please note, Trellis Kits include (1) 4x4 or 4x8 piece of Sungrower Trellis Netting and (4) 4-Way connectors to replace 3-Way Connectors included with Geoplanters. Vertical supports are not included to allow you to set your own height and adjust your trellis kit as your plants grow. Connectors fit 3/4" PVC.