Geopot Garden Kit

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Four of our Top Selling Geopot Fabric Pots together in one convenient bundle! Save 10% when you buy this Garden Kit! The Geopot Garden Kit is ready to use out of the box, just add soil and your favorite plants! Perfect for balconies, small indoor plants, patio gardens, and more! The 1 Gallon Transplanter makes transplanting your seedlings with healthy root masses - thanks to our aerated fabric, of course - a breeze. The 5 Gallon pot is perfect for growing large flowers, herbs, small vegetables, and more! 2 of our 7 Gallon pots with handles make the perfect home for small fruit trees, tomatoes, ornamentals, and anything else you can grow in them! 

The Geopot Garden Kit Features:

1x 1 Gallon Geopot Fabric Transplanter Pot W/ Velcro Seam 

1x 5 Gallon Geopot Fabric Pot

2x 7 Gallon Geopot Fabric Pot With Handles